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    嶄猟 English
      Beijing Sinodecor Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Founded in 2003, is a professional manufacturer of printed decorative paper and melamine impregnated paper.  The company located in Majuqiao town of Tongzhou District in Beijing, China, near BDA (Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone). We establish Chengdu branch in Yang¨an Furniture Industrial Park in .... [ Detailed ]  
     , Decade of sword, Sinodecor bloomed a..
     , Sinodecor has made his wonderful deb..
     , Sinodecor Attended the 12th Chengdu ..
     , Sinodecor Chengdu Branch Founded
     , Sinodecor Participated Drawing Up of..
     , Sinodecor Joined Base of North Park ..
     , Sinodecor Participate the First Chin..
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