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    Beijing Sinodecor Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Founded in 2003, is a professional manufacturer of printed decorative paper and melamine impregnated paper.  The company located in Majuqiao town of Tongzhou District in Beijing, China, near BDA (Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone). We establish Chengdu branch in Yang¡¯an Furniture Industrial Park in Sichuan Province in 2011.  We have 3 Taiwan automatic gravure printing production lines, printed paper annual capacity is 4,000 tons. We have 7 Melamine impregnation production lines, using the German impregnation technique, the annual output of melamine impregnated paper is more than 20 million pieces.

    Currently, the company has more than 600 sets of cylinder, nearly 2,000 colors, and can basically meet the domestic and overseas market demand. The paper is used for embellishment, mainly in the surface of the furniture, laminate flooring, door panel, MDF and HPL. The company after nearly a decade of development, growth, has a team of experienced, skilled technicians and workers.

    Company sales cover the country and also start overseas, We always insist in people-oriented, science and technology, business integrity. The company has a good upstream resources, strong marketing capabilities, scientific production technology, strict technical style, stable and reliable product quality, win major domestic furniture manufacturers¡¯ recognition, and established a long-term relationship.

    Company with the vision of "World class Made-in-China Decorative Paper", Sinodecor continuous improvement,  lead the industry as goal, customer satisfaction as standard, to develop with customers, forward with the society.


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