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    Decade of sword, Sinodecor bloomed at the CIFM 20132013/4/1
        The CIFM 2013 was ended on the afternoon of March 30th. Sinodecor, as one of the most important exhibitors, who depended on their excellent technology and distinctive designs, had been the biggest highlights of the CIFM again.
    Sinodecor has made his wonderful debut at CIFM 20122012/4/14
    Spring in March, the CIFM (China International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Materials Fair) 2012 opened in Guangzhou. As one of main exhibitors, Sinodecor attended the fair and achieved excellent results.
    Sinodecor Attended the 12th Chengdu International Furniture Fair2011/7/8
    The Twelfth Furniture Fair held in Chengdu on June.3rd to 6th of 2011 has been finished perfectly. Beijing Sinodecor Decorative Material Co., Ltd. is located in Boutique hall 9, which occupies 100 square ...
    Sinodecor Chengdu Branch Founded2011/6/1
    Recently, Sinodecor Chengdu Branch was formally established, the main task of subsidiary company in Chengdu is production and sale of impregnated decorative paper.The factory is located in Sichuan ...
    Sinodecor Participated Drawing Up of Decorative Paper Industry China National Standards2011/2/10
    Decorative paper industry national standards have been completed nearly by China Forestry Industry Association decorative paper Commission, it is expected to release and implement as soon as possible.
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