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    Sinodecor has made his wonderful debut at CIFM 2012
    Date: 2012/4/14

        Spring in March, the CIFM (China International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Materials Fair) 2012 opened in Guangzhou. As one of main exhibitors, Sinodecor attended the fair and achieved excellent results.

    The Reception Centre of Sinodecor

    The hall of Sinodecor is crowded.

        Sinodecor, as the industry leader, exhibited more than a hundred kinds of new and advantage products on the fair, which were suitable for furniture, floor, ambry and other fields, and also obtained good appraise by domestic and oversea clients.

    Part of products on the fair

    Our staff was introducing the products to the customers.

        Thank you for the supporting from new and old customers, Sinodecor will make unremitting effort and provide high quality products and services!

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