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    Decade of sword, Sinodecor bloomed at the CIFM 2013
    Date: 2013/4/1

        The CIFM 2013 was ended on the afternoon of March 30th. Sinodecor, as one of the most important exhibitors, who depended on their excellent technology and distinctive designs, had been the biggest highlights of the CIFM again.

     The Reception of The Booth

    A Corner of The Booth

        On this Fair, Sinodecor has exhibited part of their new and advantage designs, which attracted lots of domestic and foreign customers to watch and consult and gained good acclaim.

    "Products Show"

    Customers Consulting

        It was not only the biggest shindig of this industry, but also the trip of gains. After nearly 10 years of sedimentation and development, Sinodecor still has a long way to go, we will surely make unremitting effort and provide high quality products and services!

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