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    Sinodecor Chengdu Branch Founded
    Date: 2011/6/1

    Recently, Sinodecor Chengdu Branch was formally established, the main task of subsidiary company in Chengdu is production and sale of impregnated decorative paper. The factory is located in Sichuan Province Qionglai Yangan furniture industrial park, adjacents to Chengdu, owns four melamine impregnated decorative paper production line, based in Chengdu, Our products radiate to entire China southwest market. The general manager Wang Gang on behalf of the company all staff welcome new and old customers come to visit to discuss business.

    Address: No.15 Yangheng Four-land, Furniture Industrial Park, Qionglai Yangan, Sichuan Province, China
    Tel: 86-28 -61573651 

    Sinodecor Chengdu Branch Reception

    The new equipment of Sinodecor Chengdu Branch

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