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    Sinodecor Participated Drawing Up of Decorative Paper Industry China National Standards
    Date: 2011/2/10

    Decorative paper industry national standards have been completed nearly by China Forestry Industry Association decorative paper Commission, it is expected to release and implement as soon as possible. The new standards covering decorative paper smoothness, air permeability, strength and many other environmental indicators. Listed company Imperial Dragon new material and Qifeng shares are the main drafting units. As an important involve and develop company, Our company played an important role, which means that the introduction of standards will further enhance our market competitiveness.

    Sinodecor Participate In Review Will of The Plywood Veneer Special Decorative Paper Hanging Price Standard  (The second from left in second row is our general manager Lan Xiaojun)

    Decorative paper is an important raw material of melamine impregnated paper decorates wood-based panels, mainly used for furniture, flooring, doors, windows, cabinets, walk-in closet, bathroom cabinets, interior partitions and stairs and other products. The use of decorative paper in China has nearly 30 million tons, accounting for about one-third of global output.

    But so far, such a large and growing industry like this has no industry standard. í░This led to many small manufacturers muddy the waters, some of the standard business out of frustration but also to lower costs, the industry is so messed up the order.í▒ A production company official said, "do not regulate, decorative paper industry will be difficult to develop, product innovation is also difficult."

    At this point the introduction of national standards will undoubtedly improve this "bad money drives out good" situation. According to Decorative Paper Commission said, the current standard has been adopted by all of the review process, it will be released after being numbered by the national standards committee.

    "Second-rate company to do a market, first-class enterprise to do the standard." Market participants believe that on the condition of overall the industry develop trend good, the companies involved is expected to achieve standards higher than the industry average growth rate.

    Sinodecor sees the production of industry standards as an opportunity, will more stringent requirements of its own quality standards, is holding corporate values of only sell the products we are proud to, to create world-quality Chinese decorative paper.

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