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    Sinodecor Joined Base of North Park Furniture Decorative Paper Color Release
    Date: 2010/5/25

    As the main substrate panel furniture, veneer has long been green, environmentally friendly, health characteristics, to meet with consumers of low-carbon living and personalized consumer demand. May 23, 2010, Daya plate - Park North furniture decorative paper authoritative brand newest color release base announced to open, Daya plate supply chain have added a brand of value-added services again, to fill the decorative paper in the past color gaps.

    National Federation of furniture Chamber of Commerce executive president and secretary general Zhang Chuanxi, Chinese Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee Secretary Lv Bin, Beijing Furniture Association Deputy Secretary-General Ma Liying, vice president of Daya plywood Zou Qinghu and a number of well-known furniture companies charge participated in the ceremony.

    It is reported that Beijing Park North Decorative Material Co., Ltd. as a major sub-agent in North China plate company and production base, Sinodecor as a decorative paper manufacturer has formed a strategic partnership with North Park.

    Sinodecor chairman Huang Xudong signing ceremony with the general manager of North Park

    The gallery of North Park decorative paper color base has collected these domestic and foreign first-class enterprises¡¯ the latest color plates, showing to the consumer; At the same time, they also set their own R & D capabilities to develop new colors, combine with the collected information from the downstream market, reflect the latest market trends to the decorative paper enterprises. This "integrated business supply chain" business model, can according to different consumer needs and individual style, from all aspects to improve the efficiency of home decoration, so that consumers can enjoy the best finished product in the use of sheet metal and furniture for home decoration. In the strong chain of furniture industry, Park North want to be the most professional, authoritative, "wood-based panel industry, the first resource platform."

    North Park Decorative Material Co., Ltd., chairman of Hufang Xu delivered a speech at the conference, proposed a "furniture integrated supply chain" business model. And announced that North Park will fully integrate resources, service for domestic furniture customers, create more value-added products for our clients, suppliers, consumers, and form a new product supply pattern and new product service system.

    Sinodecor Join in North Park Integrated Chain and Base Showroom

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