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    Sinodecor Attended the 12th Chengdu International Furniture Fair
    Date: 2011/7/8

    The Twelfth Furniture Fair held in Chengdu on June.3rd to 6th of 2011 has been finished perfectly. Beijing Sinodecor Decorative Material Co., Ltd. is located in Boutique hall 9, which occupies 100 square meters. Its appearance designs unique and decent. Inside is novel and coordinative. The company's staff ready to go with uniform dress, seemed unstoppable.

    Sinodecor Chengdu Furniture Fair Receptio

    Customers flocked to the Sinodecor Chengdu Furniture Fair   

    In the exhibition, we once again get the majority of new and old customersí» support and love, making this exhibition a success. We need to show our sincere thanks to our all old and new friends. Thank you very much!

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